Marketing Challenge: Coming From Behind

The Case of the Company That Took Their Story on the Road

Trident Microsystems, among the top players in the PC graphics accelerator chip market, was perceived to be “late-to-market” with new 3D technology devices. In fact, the company had introduced new products leapfrogging competitors’ performance. With the market full of competitive hype, few were aware of Trident’s significant product advantages, business strategy or core competencies because the company had not “come out” on 3D.

Knowing that a significantly better, well-differentiated product is big news, Trident used public relations as strategic weapon. After developing an in-depth technology and product story, Trident executed a road show first targeting top semiconductor market research analysts. Over a three-week period company execs met all top tier US and European electronics engineering trade editors. Key analysts were referenced during press briefings. Approximately 45 days later all key weekly electronics publications were interviewed and received the company’s breakthrough product story.




Two months following the tour a groundswell of press coverage appeared in monthly magazines and weekly trade papers. Analysts had confirmed Trident’s story to reporters. Together with influential research reports, the media heralded Trident’s 3D products as cutting-edge. Orders were up, and the market’s perception of Trident as a graphics chip leader was confirmed. Public relations momentum was created by expanding and renewing the company’s analyst and editor relationships. This helped Trident gain further recognition and positive press in the weeks and months following the tour.

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Ford Kanzler - Marketing/PR Savvy