The books listed below form a body of knowledge that will help most marketers find a far clearer path to success. Their wisdom cuts through all business sectors, are the basis of my professional practice and are applied to all Marketing/PR Savvy campaigns and projects.

Recommended Readings :

  • The Art of the Start - Guy Kawasaki
  • REPOSITIONING - Jack Trout
  • Trust Agents - Christ Brogan
  • In Search of the Obvious - Jack Trout
  • The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR - Al & Laura Ries
  • Tactical Transparency - Shel Holtz and John C. Havens
  • Reality Check - Guy Kawasaki
  • Differentiate or Die - Jack Trout
  • Selling the Invisible - Harry Beckwith
  • Origin of Brands - Ries and Ries
  • Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind - Trout & Ries

22 Laws of Marketing

Ford Kanzler - Marketing PR/Savvy - 22 Laws of Marketing
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Ford Kanzler - Marketing/PR Savvy