Marketing Challenge: Demonstrating Brand Value

Hitachi Koki

Client Background
Founded in 1962, Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions, Inc. has developed major innovations in document management solutions. The organization is part of the $64 billion Hitachi Group of companies combining world-class print engines, print controllers and software technology, making it a technology leader in the development and manufacture of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, digital network printers and copiers.

In a crowded, noisy field of giant competitors, Hitachi Koki wanted to introduce office product dealers to its revolutionary technology linking networked printing capabilities to the Internet. Although the parent company is a well-known brand name, Hitachi Koki was basically invisible in the marketplace and had no presence in the trade press. Its challenge was to build visibility and recognition for the company with customers and the media that would lead to increased sales.

Their PR agency recommended using an up-coming dealer trade show to showcase Hitachi Koki technology and products, and to bring technology analysts and key trade press to the booth to see the new technology in print-on-demand applications.




With only a month to prepare for the trade show, The agency worked closely with Hitachi management and marketing teams to develop consistent marketing messages. The agency created a new up-to-date press kit and devised promotional materials for the new i-Printer and i-Copier product lines. The agency successfully identified, pitched and secured interviews with top-tier printing and document solution publications and technology analysts for Hitachi Koki executives.

Significant attention from both the media and industry analysts resulted from the campaign. Hitachi Koki products were included in reports prepared by analysts at Gartner, IDC and Lyra. The company was featured in multiple article placements, including BTA Solutions, Office World News, Printing News and Business Solutions. By generating media placements in publications read by dealers and decision-maker end-users, The agency created an ongoing stream of news about the company, its management and its products. Analyst reports and trade press articles all cited Hitachi Koki as the leader in controlling digital document printing-on-demand. In fact, The agency's pre-show media blitz garnered so much attention that Hitachi even made several significant sales to attending dealers right on the trade show floor.

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