One of Ford’s mantras is "Strategy first, then tactics." That seems obvious enough but it's utterly amazing how often campaigns go off half-cocked without the slightest inclusion of competitive differentiation. Jack Trout and Al Reis are his marketing gurus. If you don't know who these guys are Ford can point you to a number of their great books. Two of his favorite slogans are "Clarity Trumps Persuasion" and “Become Distinct or Become Extinct.”

Ford is a veteran agency PR pro with serious strategic chops and deep tech expertise…chips, boards, boxes and all the software that runs on them. However, he’s contributed to the marketing success of lawyers, doctors, educators, SaaS education providers, government officials and even a nightclub. Well-honed PR skills are highly transferable. He started his career as a newspaper reporter and later a magazine editor, so he brings a fact-based approach to PR rather than arm waving, loud noises or stunts. He’s also done stints in corporate communications with large and small companies, so he’s clear on what's needed on the receiving end of professional services. He’s sold the value of public relations to dozens of CEOs and has a knack for creating winning campaigns.

One of his management joys is helping bright, motivated people build their professional effectiveness and confidence while having some fun doing it. He’s a solid editor of others' work as well as a well-practiced news and feature copy originator.

What he really enjoys is a good brainstorm that delivers ideas with potential for delivering solid communication results.

The way Ford helps companies is by sharpening their communications focus with competitive differentiation. His proven counseling process repeatedly puts a fresh cutting edge on business communications so brands achieve a more clearly-defined market position against competitors. With a well-defined strategy in place, executing appropriate marketing communications and public relations tactics becomes a far more effective investment.

If you’re in need of a player with a complete package of proven business communications skills, bringing strong strategic program development and public relations execution talents, including effective senior management counseling with strong references, he’s your guy.

On a personal note, Ford is a jazz lover, an avid hiker, long-time cyclist, skier and fly fisherman and ties those outdoor activities together with photography. He lives on the coast, just south of San Francisco.
Ford Kanzler - Marketing/PR Savvy
Ford Kanzler - Marketing/PR Savvy