Marketing Challenge: Obtaining Financing to Stay in the Game

The Case of the Client Who Went Fishing

Ariel Electronics was in mid-development of its circuit board prototyping system when funds were running low. The company needed a capital infusion to complete product development and help bring it to market. The product, CircuitWiter, would be the first of its kind, desktop CAD tool allowing electronic designers create working prototype circuit boards in their lab in hours instead of days or weeks and at a fraction of the cost of copper etched boards --- the only alternative at the time. Ariel needed to quickly locate and attract sources of financing. Their contacts with local financiers had been discouraging.

Ariel hired public relations counsel and launched a well-defined campaign to specifically obtain coverage in national trade and business media targeting investors and strategic partnering prospects. Market research analysts and trade and business journalists were contacted interviewed and given thorough product demonstrations.




Stories appeared in targeted engineering trade and business media including a “Technology-to-Watch item in Business Week, on the new technology, tying the company’s story to rapid prototyping trends in electronic design automation and time-to-market business imperatives. As direct result of the publicity generated, Ariel Electronics obtained nearly $4 million in venture capital, allowing the firm to continue product development. The campaign also located interested beta site customers and strategic partners who helped further accelerate product development.

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